The 6 Best Things About VIP Parties in London

VIP Party Girls

London is known for the many VIP parties with its many secret events and clubs playing host to stunning party girls, minor playboy celebs and models working as London escorts. Could there really be a plus side to being on the guest list at these special invite only events?

London is known for the wonderful VIP parties that are hosted in different venues around the city. From parties as exclusive as Victoria’s Secret fashion runway show and catwalk after party and the many VIP parties that take place during the London Fashion Week, to the many parties hosted at the clubs in London. If you want to rock and you’re looking for parties that require a VIP list to do so, then London, which has some of the most exclusive party lists in the world is just the right place for you. There are so many wonderful things about parties in London, but this article is limited to just six of the best things.

Dressing Up

The exclusive parties in London are all about the fab and the glam and there is no better opportunity to dress up to the nines. For those searching for reasons to bring out their glad rags and get decked out in their designer gear and expensive jewellery, these VIP parties provide the right atmosphere for that. Everyone will be fabulously dressed, which presents the perfect excuse to dress up.

The Exclusivity

These parties are really exclusive. They are so exclusive that the last Victoria Secrets’ fashion show and VIP party cost a whopping £11,995 for those who were not on the guest list. The money was donated to charity, of course. But that kind of money gets exclusivity. Should one be interested in partying in select surroundings with the elite of society, then the best place to do that would be a VIP party in London.

The People

Attending a VIP party in London is worth it if only for the people. People watchers are going to watch to their heart’s content in such parties as these parties are often frequented by the elite of the society; film stars, celebrities and business tycoons. Oh, and spotting a member of royalty is very much a possibility at these events.

The Freebies

Free drinks and free food and free whatever else the organizers decide to throw in. There are always spectacular freebies at VIP parties in London. As a matter of fact, some people attend just for the freebies. Well, maybe not, but they are worth getting all spruced up for.

The Stories

These parties are the perfect places to hear all the society gossip. It’s probably why gossip columnists are on almost every VIP guest list. For those interested in what is going on with whom, this is a good way to keep an ear to the ground. Attending one of London’s VIP parties also gives anecdotal value. One’s conversation can now be peppered with who one spoke with and what that celebrity said. You can quietly impress your mates and increase your social value just from attending London VIP parties.

The Envy

This is probably the best thing about attending VIP parties in London especially if you have friends or colleagues who have never been and are dying to attend one. For someone who is not normally on the guest list of a VIP party, this is a fantastic way to rub shoulders with the jet set and still retain a normal life during the day. It’s like living the best of both worlds and let’s face it, being the envy of those around is a nice feeling, in a way.