Hidden Language Used By High Class Escorts Companions in London

There is a hidden language with different meanings used by London escorts from the independent working girl to a high class model escort working at one of Londons top high class escorts agency, and if you are looking to sample some of the services provided in London than you may wish to know their meaning, so here are a few hidden terms translates.


There are many secret codes that London escorts use to communicate with their clients. This started as a way of avoiding legal problems, in areas where the law is very strict on any kind of solicitation. However, nowadays the terms are used as a way to communicate discretely with the clients.

Most ads will post messages using these terminologies. Sometimes the abbreviations used make it difficult for someone to understand, especially when new in enlisting these services.

Common Terms

Girlfriend Experience (GFE): This is one of the terms that has become popular in the last couple of years. It generally means that the escort will be providing similar experiences akin to the one offered by a real girlfriend. Sometimes this service is non sexual, and you may need to come up with an arrangement that includes sex.

Boyfriend Experience: Boyfriend experience is also a recent trend that followed the Girl friend experience trend. Rich women and gay men are now seeking companions, who can provide for them a range of ‘experiences’ similar to having a romantic partner. These types of escorts will also accompany them to parties and social events and may also include ‘Extras’.

Gentlemen Only: Some escorts online may state that they accept gentlemen only. This simply means that they will only accept businessmen or professionals. This is to ensure that they get high-end clientele, who are ready to part with more money. Some agencies may also use the term to mean they have escorts that cater for these kinds of clientele.

Safe: This means that only safe sex is acceptable, and that a condom should be used in case of sexual intercourse. Plus it means that precautions will be taken, even when engaging in oral sex. In the case of oral sex, mouth dams and condoms are used to prevent STIs.

Screening: Some agency will screen potential clients to determine if they are serious. Some clients will ask for services and not appear or, fail to comply with certain rules and arrangements. The screening may determine if the client is who he says he is.

Sandbagger: This is a common term meant to indicate someone is trying to change the ratings on the review sites, with fake ratings. Some independent escorts may do this to boost their rating therefore improve their ratings. They may also offer extra service in exchange for the high ratings.

Sexual terms:

There are also a number of sexual terms.

  • Greek/ A-level. This means anal sex is part of the experience in case the client wants sexual extras.
  • BBBJ (Bare Back Blow Job): Oral sex without a condom.
  • Russian: Penile stimulation using the breast which may lead to Pearl Necklace.
  • Pearl Necklace: Ejaculating on her breast as a result of Russian.

There are many other terms used by  escorts, but the ones mentioned here are the most common. These terms can help you decipher the coded messages

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